Milk Bath Session

When Jessy came to me with wanting to do a milk bath nursing her 1 year old Halle, I jumped for joy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE milk bath sessions! And I just knew it was going to be so much fun with a 1 year old, especially Halle because she is so darn cute!  Jessy and her family had just moved into their new home and is still in the midsts of unpacking but she let that stress go for 45 minutes and we had a blast! Little miss Halle had soon much fun in the water, playing, laughing, just pure joy! Jessy’s florist did an AMAZING job with the flower crowns and flowers for in and around the bath. I love everything about this session.

Here is a little of what Jessy said about her time with me and her images.

“Tiffany came to my house to do a milk bath session for me with my daughter, Halle, who is nursing. My other 2 kids joined in, too. I have to tell you, I was super worried about how it would go and how I would feel. “I’m too fat. I’m too busy unpacking. My house is a disaster. I don’t really want them shared. What if Halle won’t even nurse?” I pushed it all aside, got my hair done, got my flower girl to do some flowers for me, and set a really low expectation for the session. Even if I get nothing out of it, we’ll have fun. Well, I am SO glad I did it. We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!! It was so much fun! Halle loved being in the tub, she did nurse, she played with the flowers, she did a great job. When I saw the pictures,  I teared up. They are perfect. I don’t see me being fat or busy or worried. All I see is love! I see this special time nursing my daughter captured beautifully. Tiffany got the perfect shot that I only dreamed I’d get, as well as many more gorgeous images. If you’re on the fence, stop debating and putting up excuses and just do it! It was so fun and I LOVE the final product!  Thank you Tiffany!”





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