IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN FOR ANOTHER BOUDOIR MARATHON! forever-moments-photography-boudoir-marathon-sacramento-roseville-photograpger

WHEN? October 9th 2016 10am – 5pm

WHERE? This is to be determined


  • Professional hair and make up is provided.
  • While you wait there will be various beverages and some snacks.
  • Your session will last roughly 45 minutes
  • A custom designed 5×5 photobook, 20 page spread
  • 10 digital files with a print release

HOW MUCH? $550.00 … A $100.00 retainer fee is required at the time of booking to secure to spot. The retainer fee goes toward the total session cost.

So what happens at a boudoir marathon? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you make the decision – to book or not to book?

What is a boudoir session?
Think glamour but sexier! Boudoir photography is an intimate portrait session where you get to feel gorgeous, let your confidence shine, and create the most gorgeous images of yourself. You will get to SEE who you have always FELT inside.

What is a Boudoir Marathon?
A marathon is when a few sessions take place on the same day, in the same location. Each session has a different time slot with a 10 minute window between sessions. They are still private, but have a central location for hair and makeup.

Why should I do a boudoir session?
There are so many different reasons to do a boudoir session. You could be gifting these images to your significant other for a birthday or a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, you could be engaged and wanting to deliver a gorgeous album as a bridal gift to your new spouse, or maybe you would like to deliver a super spontaneous gift to your significant other, or be doing this for yourself, because let’s face it, we all like to get dolled up and feel sexy!

What do I wear to a boudoir session?
I suggest that you bring 5 outfits to choose from, and I will select my favorite 3. Now I don’t just pick 3 I think are pretty, I find the 3 that I think will look best on your body. I do however, give you advice ahead of time and direct what I think would look best for your shape. It’s good to go to a lingerie store that specializes in well fitting clothing. The important thing here is to wear what makes YOU feel sexy! And to feel sexy, you do NOT have to wear lingerie! You can wear an oversized sweater, boxers and a tank top, or nothing at all! It is all completely up to you.

I am really shy, I don’t know if I can do this!
Feeling shy, vulnerable, nervous, etc…is all VERY normal! I promise that this is a very fun experience and you’ll leave feeling empowered and sexy. I work with an all woman team, that means me (the photographer), hair and makeup (all women!) I also provide Champagne and wine…having a glass while you get ready can be helpful with the nerves. I also have water, tea, or coffee for those who would like other options.

I am not shy at all, can I be completely nude?
Do whatever makes you feel sexy, and I will be there to create beautiful, tasteful images for you.

How many photos do I receive?
You will receive 10 digital negatives of your choice and a 5×5 photobook with your choice of images. You will have the option to buy more images and other print product.

Can I bring a friend or family member?
Yes! Please understand that this is an all woman event, and I request that spouses be left at home. Limit yourself to 1 guest, for moral support, or if they would like to book a session that they do so in advanced so there is time for photographing! Please keep in mind that a friend or family member is allowed to come with you and stay with you while getting ready, however during our time together shooting your images it will only be yourself, me and my camera.

Do I need to do my own Hair and Makeup?
NO! Hair and makeup is included in marathons. Make up includes false lashes.

How long will a session last?
Boudoir Marathon’s are 45 minutes for hair and makeup and 45 minutes for photographing. However please plan on blocking off 3 hours of your day just to be safe.

Who will see my images? Will my Images be uploaded to your website and Social media?
I never show images unless permission is given. Even if you sign a model release, I will still ask permission on each photo I’d like to post. Once given the “ok” then I will post images from your session. There is NO obligation to share images publicly. These are your images!

For more session information with tips and advice, please click the link below to view my Boudoir Guide.

Boudoir Guide <—– click


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