Gia-Marie’s Birth Story!

Today I get to very happily and PROUDLY get to introduce you certain adorable bundle of joy named Gia-Marie. I have attended and photographed many births but this birth is particularly important to me because beautiful Gia-Marie’s mother is my best friend! I am notoriously emotional during births and this one was no exception! Gia-Marie arrived on March 21st at 8:08am. I am truly honored that Kasey, Jamil and big sister Brooklyn (2 1/2), let me be a part of this monumental milestone in their lives.

This sweet perfectly adorable little girl made her debut at 8:08am weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces and measured in at 20.7  inches long. Kasey had a scheduled C-Section and did a great job throughout the entire surgery. Kasey had a previous c-section with her 2 1/2 year old daughter Brooklyn and from that experience learned she would more than likely have hemorrhaging again. This time however, the doctor expected and was prepared for it. While in the OR with Kasey and Jamil nerves were on edge when hearing she was once again hemorrhaging. We were asked to leave to OR while Dr. Ridley did everything she could to control bleeding. Being removed was the most stressful thing I have experienced at a birth, more so because it is someone I deeply care for. I can’t imagine how Jamil was feeling inside. We wanted outside the OR watching facial expressions as nurses went in and out. Until someone came out and told us “they have the bleeding under control” we held our breathe. Once we were told that Jamil was very anxious to get his hand on his beautiful baby girl. Shortly after they brought her to him and we waiting in recovery for Kasey to follow. Family arrived and shared precious first moments with baby Gia-Marie while Kasey was still in surgery. After 2 or so hours Dr. Ridley came and talked to the family about what had happened during the c-section. Like before, and as they expected Kasey bled a lot, however this time, medicine and manual manipulation wasn’t going to control the bleeding. Fearing for Kasey’s well being Dr. Ridley made the only choice she could….to preform a hysterectomy on Kasey.

When I asked Kasey how she felt about what happened she so sweetly expressed how she is ok with it because they have 2 beautiful healthy baby girls and that’s more than she could ask  for.  She truly has a positive outlook on the entire thing.

It was wonderful to see Dad Jamil being so supportive and caring. You could see he was overwhelmed with happiness when baby Gia-Marie finally entered the world and knowing Mom Kasey was going to be ok. The love they shared immediately was so overwhelming that there was not a dry eye in the room.


FMP_8530 copyFMP_8556 copy FMP_8574 copy FMP_8584 copy FMP_8591 copy FMP_8598 copynervous FMP_8637 copy FMP_8641 copy FMP_8646 copyenterOR openupFMP_8672 copygiaishere FMP_8710 copy FMP_8715 copyseegia FMP_8744 copy FMP_8767 copy FMP_8772 copydaddysgirl FMP_8831 copy FMP_8845 copy FMP_8853 copyhappyFMP_8914 copy higia

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