Love knows no limit.

With a heavy heart I write this blog. So please forgive me if it is scatter brained or jumping from one thing to another. (I write like I talk, and often times that is scattered)

On the morning of March 14th I was privileged enough to meet an amazing, loving, caring family! Some of this family was from right here in Roseville CA, but some were from Ohio, Washington, Mississippi, New York and Oklahoma! All traveled near and far to get together as a family to celebrate an amazing woman, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter….Barb! This is the 1st time in 15 years the family has been documented together at one time!

On Friday January 9th 2015, Barb’s sons Nate and Matt took her to the ER because of what thought was strange behavior. Since she had just lost her husband 6 months before we weren’t sure if it was grief, a mini stroke, or Alzheimer’s onset. After further tests the ER doctors found a mass on her brain, she was then admitted to conduct more tests. The following Thursday she had the surgery to remove the large malignant tumor from her brain. They discovered additional masses on her thyroid, in her lymph nodes and a spot in her lung. All the test results pointed to the same thing, cancer. Before she was discharged it was determined that Barb had stage 4 lung cancer and was given 6 months to a year to live. This cancer was aggressive and growing at a rapid rate.

And even though the session that morning could have been somber and full of tears, there was only love and laughter all around (just check out the BTS photos taken by Jonny!)  After all, how could you not smile with all these beautiful grand and great grand babies around?

There was a moment when sister Jan leaned in and ever so gently kissed Barb, that was the moment for me, as a person, not a photographer, that got to me. Like most people I have also encountered the devastation of cancer with a loved one. I know all to well how quickly you can see your healthy, vibrant loved one change so rapidly right before you. Unfortunately this was the case for Barb and her family. On March 24th Barb was placed on Hospice care. She became tired and weak very quickly. Around noon on March 25th she went into a coma and peaceful passed around 2pm.

Her passing happened just 11 days after our time together. The timing of the family session couldn’t have worked out anymore in the favor of this family. Barb was surrounded by love and this is very evident in her photos.

I am so blessed to have met every single person I did and to have been lucky enough to be graced by Barb’s beautiful and contagious smile!

I send my deepest condolences to the family!

DSC_5693 copy

(Photo above: Taken by Jonny after the morning session when all family members could be present for a large family photo)

FMP_8178-Edit copy(Photo above: Barb with her son Nathan)

FMP_7909-Edit copy

 (Photo above: Barb with her sister Jan and Mary, along with their mother Eulalia who turned 89 this year)

FMP_7941 copyFMP_7926-Edit copy FMP_7931-Edit copyFMP_7947-Edit copyDSC_5562 copy

(Photo above taken during the morning session by Jonny)

FMP_7957-Edit copyDSC_5566 copy

 (Photo above taken during the morning session by Jonny)

DSC_5596 copy

 (Photo above taken during the morning session by Jonny)

FMP_7993 copy

 Barb and her grandchildren.

DSC_5608 copy

(Photo above taken during the morning session by Jonny)

FMP_8010-Edit copy “For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.” – Christina Rossetti

DSC_5605 copy

DSC_5604 copy

(Photo above taken during the morning session by Jonny)

FMP_8033-Edit copy FMP_8043-Edit copyFMP_8019 copy FMP_8077-Edit copy FMP_8103-Edit copyDSC_5618 copy

(Photo above taken during the morning session by Jonny)

FMP_8167-Edit copy

Just a tidbit of all the fun, love and chaos that went on that morning. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Love knows no limit.

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am just one of the many cousins of this wonderful family. We have a rich legacy that began generations ago. A legacy of believing in our Heavenly Father, believing that he is the Creator of all, believing that He sent His One and Only Son to live a perfect life and to die so that we may forever live in eternity for those who receive him as their Savior. Barb may be gone, but I know that one day I will see her again! I praise God that Barb is dancing on the streets of gold with Lou and having an amazing family reunion!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this…I was the sister from Okla. and that day — the pictures you shared– just so priceless. I love the picture of us laughing…and none of us remember what was so funny…The Lord is so good…the timing of our visit couldn’t have been better…the memories are precious … and your blog about the family..thank you, thank you….and my daughter, also from Okla. says, because our family have so much fun when we get together, she hopes all our mansions will be on the same block..Again, thank you for taking such awesome pictures and may God bless your business and you make permanent memories for other families

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