Nakkoun Family!

Where do I even start with this gorgeous mama and her two handsome boys!? Big brother Mario was so extremely polite and helpful wrangling his younger brother Lorenzo. Lorenzo who is 2 was a happy, active and full of life little dude during our session! I know mom Rebecca was a little worried about getting him to cooperate, but in the end…I won! (As always) While he may not have wanted to pose for us, we got some great tender moments between his mother and big brother. FMP_7308-Edit copy FMP_7520-Edit copy

“We enjoy being outdoors. On the weekends we go watch Mario play basket ball. We love going on walks or bike rides and playing at the park where we can ride wild.”

C24B3075 copy FMP_7807 copy

“Mario is an amazing big brother and a huge helper. He has a most kind heart and cannot resist baby brother. He has given me the strength that I need to persevere when things get tough.  Lorenzo has been my miracle baby time and again. From the moment I had to have an emergency c-section to the day he survived having toxic shock syndrome in 2013. He’s my fighter. My children are the balance in my life.”

FMP_7863 copy FMP_7899 copy

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