Little Liam!

Since day 1 Chantel and Liam have just wiggled their way into my heart! Little Liam is just a ham!!! He is such a sweetie and such a typical boy. He loves daddy’s tools, he loves running through the sprinklers and he loves helping mom water the garden! For little Lee (as we call him) these last few months have been a new adventure, embarking on new and very exciting things for him. You see, shortly after Liam turned one he started displaying classic signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder and things quickly took a turn. Liam lost the ability to verbally communicate, this means mama Chantel doesn’t get to hear a word we all cherish so much, “mom”. Never imagining how badly that would hurt, how it could feel like life was put on hold like someone hit pause, Chantel had to be strong no matter what (and is strong!) for Liam. But recently Chantel found that through ALS (American Sign Language) Liam can communicate!! How AMAZING is that!? Liam can tell him mom so many things he wasn’t able to before. Because of this (and a few other things) life seems to be finally back in motion for their family. Liam is such an amazing, beautiful, incredible little guy. One who has touched my heart and always leaves me with a smile! Mama Chantel is one proud mother (as she should be) and I am one proud friend.

FMP_6121-Edit copyFMP_6094 copyFMP_6100 copyFMP_6160-Edit copyFMP_6048 copyFMP_6417-Edit copy

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