Birth of Ryne, Color Version

I can’t believe how amazing the female body is! How much it can grow, move and endure! Mama Margot is a prime example of how truly amazing our body is and how beautiful birth can be. I feel so bless to be allowed such an opportunity to capture such priceless moments in ones life. Mama and I met on a Wednesday to go over details and what to expect, I got to meet her husband Derrick and their son.. Margot wasn’t due for another 3 weeks, but she had a feeling baby Ryne would come early like brother Luke did. Well, mom instincts are never wrong! The next night I got a text with a heads up of possible pre labor, then at 1:57AM Friday morning I got the call to head over! Labor was very quick and I can not believe how well mom handled it! She was one tough mama! Derrick of course was incredibly supportive, loving and VERY excited! (it was actually super cute and heart warming!) Just to give you an idea of how fast thing went…. I got the call at 1:57AM, got there at approximately 2:08AM (yes I live close and I moved fast!) Ryne was welcomed by dad (who “caught” him) at 2:40AM! Mama had about 1 hour of active labor!! WOO I am glad I was close! Shortly after delivery everyone made it up to the master bedroom and rested comfortably in bed while mama and baby were fed and tended to. FUN FACT: Margot ran (even in a half marathon) all though her pregnancy! Go Margot!FMP_4077-Edit copy FMP_4089-Edit copy FMP_4107-Edit copy FMP_4148-Edit copy FMP_4173-Edit copy FMP_4177-Edit copy FMP_4178-Edit copy FMP_4183-Edit copy FMP_4186-Edit copy FMP_4191-Edit copy FMP_4204-Edit copy FMP_4215-Edit copy FMP_4233-Edit copy FMP_4237-Edit copy FMP_4261-Edit copy FMP_4275-Edit copy FMP_4280-Edit copy FMP_4320 copy FMP_4335 copy FMP_4369 copyFMP_4407-Edit copy FMP_4431-Edit copy FMP_4477 copy FMP_4499 copy FMP_4517 copy

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