What is NEW with Forever Moments Photography???

Hi everyone!!!!

I hope everyone had wonderful holiday’s with lots of loves and laughs.

I have been SUPER crazy busy with life and photography but I finally have about 3 minutes to breathe and update everything! This weekend will be our first boudoir marathon!!! I am super excited for this and a lot of work is going into this, it officially has become my 3rd baby. ­čÖé Speaking of boudoir….. I will be separating my boudoir photography from my usual photography. What does this mean???? I will be creating a whole separate page and blog strictly for boudoir and glamor session! WOOT! This new section will be called “Forever Boudoir | By Forever Moments Photography” So yay for that! I will be emailing everyone once that it totally up and running.

2014 was a year of learning and growing and I had an amazing year, meeting new clients, continuing relationships with return clients and all the in between. I sincerely love all my clients! (Thank you everyone!) However with growing, comes change! So a few things will be changing with packages/pricing for the 2015 year. Ultimately I will be switching to print only, but not just yet! So in transition I am adjusting some things. There will be one set price for all but 2 session collections (birth and newborn) and one set amount of images returned. Pricing will be going up a little. (sorry!) For return clients (not new clients), pricing will remain at 2014’s $200 per session for the 2015 year. If you already have a session booked with me your package will remain the same as it was at the time of booking. Again, once I have everything totally updated I will email everyone with new guides.

Thank you for growing with me!!!

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