Naomi’s Birth Story

It’s a beautiful day, ladies and gentlemen!

Want to know why? Because today I am sharing with you photos from a recent birthing session I did with the Chung family and their perfect little angel, Naomi. She was born at 11:58pm onOct. 1st 2014!  And my goodness is she the definition of perfection!

I was so honored to be with Salina and Kit on the day of their child’s birth. There really aren’t very many things that are as beautiful as bringing another life into the world. When I got there Salina was doing great and ready to welcome her baby girl. I wasn’t there for long before the time came to push!

The love in that room was truly overwhelming. Kit was amazingly supportive and encouraging, I know that baby Naomi and her parents have a lot more where that came from, too. Because of the late hour Salina and Kits older son Noah wasn’t able to come meet sister while I was there, but I am sure he was just as excited to meet her. I hope they keep me up to date with what’s happening in their lives!

FMP_7819 FMP_7827 copy

Dad Kit was more than prepared for a possible long delivery and the next few sleepless nights.

FMP_7828 copy

Their midwife Annie was just so amazing, calm and supportive!

FMP_7830 copy

Salina and Kit were thoughtful and brought candy for their nurses to enjoy. How sweet!

FMP_7847 copy FMP_7871 copy FMP_7890 copy FMP_7966-Edit copy FMP_7989 copyBlogBoard-12 copy FMP_8028 copy FMP_8106 copy FMP_8272 copy

Salina’s parents live in Hong Kong so luckily the time difference made a Skype session possible!

FMP_8320 copy FMP_8358-Edit copy FMP_8554 copy FMP_8593 copy

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