Isla’s Birth Story

Today I get to share with you an adorable bundle of joy named Isla. She was comfy and certainly made mama work for her. She arrived at 3:30am on Monday September 22nd. I was truly honored, happy and thankful that Kerri and Cory let me be a part of this monumental milestone in their lives.

This sweet beautiful little girl made her debut weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces and measured in at 20 inches long. Kerri did an amazing job throughout the entire labor. Which by the way from start to finish was 24 hours! Kerri was doing beautifully for a while and pressing through contractions like a champ! We had a moment of a kind of stand still so they had her walk, bounce on her birthing ball, stand with dad, anything to kinda get Isla ready. Once doctors broke Kerri’s water, it was on! She was so composed throughout the entire birth and dad was seriously so helpful and supportive. The love they shared immediately was so overwhelming that there was not a dry eye in the room.

It was wonderful to see Dad there helping. You could see he was overwhelmed with happiness, shock and that famous kinda clueless look dads get when they just witnessed such a intensely beautiful moment. Of course as soon as dad held her all you saw was pure love.

I am so lucky and very grateful that I got to capture this special moment. My job rocks! What an honor!

So without further ado, please meet Isla (Pronunciation: eye-la) :

FMP_6242 copyFMP_6257 copy BlogBoard-12 copyFMP_6278 copyBlogBoard-12a

Kerri and Cory were joined by their best friends Brittney and Jeremy

FMP_6293 copy FMP_6311 copyBlogBoard-12b

The boys enjoying some pizza right in front of Kerri was a mean mean thing to do! 🙂

FMP_6518 copyBlogBoard-12cFMP_6566 copy

Kerri asked for everyone to pray and it was sincerely the most beautiful moment I have seen during a labor. Birttney and Jeremy said some amazing and encouraging words.

FMP_6570 copyFMP_6559 copyBlogBoard-12d FMP_6709 copyFMP_6772 copyFMP_6777 copyBlogBoard-10 copyFMP_6812 copyFMP_6823 copyFMP_6821 copy FMP_6859 copyFMP_6886 copy FMP_6910 copyBlogBoard-12gBlogBoard-12e FMP_7035 copy FMP_7044 copyBlogBoard-12ffFMP_6874 copy

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